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Windows 11 Pro Benefits

Advanced Security

  Modern User Interface

  Enhances Productivity

  Improved Multitasking

  Streamlined Microsoft Store

  Access to Quick Widgets

Get the brand-new Windows 11 Pro

WERD are now offering our partners OEM License in BOX

We're really excited to share some great news that we think everyone, including our valued partners and newcomers, will be interested in!
We're very happy to introduce a new and advanced product: Windows 11 Pro. This is now available as part of our offerings at WERD.
Windows 11 Pro is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system, designed to provide businesses with a powerful and efficient work platform. With Windows 11 Pro, you can achieve improved productivity, enhanced security, and better collaboration opportunities.

As a partner at WERD, you now have the opportunity to deliver Windows 11 Pro to your customers and help them elevate their work experience to new heights.

Windows 11 Pro offers a range of benefits that can enhance your computing experience. It provides improved security features to help safeguard your data, making your device more resistant to cyber threats.
The user interface is modern and user-friendly, making navigation and multitasking smoother. Windows 11 Pro also supports new productivity tools that can help you work more efficiently. It's designed to be compatible with a variety of devices and applications, ensuring a seamless experience across different tasks.

Overall, Windows 11 Pro aims to provide a secure, intuitive, and productive environment for both personal and professional use.

Microsoft 365 (Family & Personal), Home and Business or Home & Student

We also offer a lot of Microsoft Office suite with ESD licenses!

So if you need access to a wide range of Microsoft Office solutions and licenses. Then it's time to take action!
 ESD licenses provide you with quick and easy access to Microsoft Office products. You can download and install the software directly from Microsoft's servers without any hassle. With Microsoft Office, you get a recognized productivity suite that helps you create, collaborate, and develop more efficiently. Applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and many more will enhance your work processes and increase productivity.

Our sales team is ready to assist you in choosing the right licenses and solutions that fit your needs. 

The Microsoft Office suite with ESD licenses brings you a bundle of powerful tools to boost your productivity. With these licenses, you can easily access and install Office applications directly from Microsoft's servers, without any fuss.
This means you can quickly get your hands on essential tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more. These applications help you create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with ease. Plus, the ESD licenses ensure that you're always up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

In short, it's a convenient and efficient way to equip yourself with the tools needed for effective work and communication.

ESD Licenses Benefits

  Instant Quick Access 

  Easy Hassle-Free Installation

  Real-time Collaboration

  Informed Data Analysis

  Latest Updates and Features 

   Flexible Licensing

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