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Our guide to Label Printers & Label Makers

Label printers also called label makers, covers the term of printing labels or stickers to either print receipts, invoices or simply stick on the label to any surface such as product packaging, freight labels, company logos etc. The category consists of different types of print technologies such as Thermal and Direct Thermal referring to the way the print is produced.
A label writer is an essential tool for any business and organization that needs to print high quality labels, fast and effeciently. Wether you need to print barcodes, product labels or shipping labels, a label printer can help you get the job done.
One of the main benefits of using a label maker, is its speed and efficiency, which makes them perfect for your busy workplace. Additionally, the labelwriter includes advanced features such as a wireless label printer, automatic cutting, built-in label design software and the ability to print on a variety of different label materials. Another advantage of sticker label makers are their durability and longevity. Many product label printers are built to resist the demands of a busy workplace and are designed to last for many years. This makes them a profitable solution for companies that need to print a high volume of labels on a regular basis. When you are looking for a shipping sticker printer, it is important to consider which types of labels that you will be printing, as well as the volume of labels that you will need to make. All the different types available on the market has its own set of features and capabilities, to meet your specific needs.

Thermal Printers and Direct Thermal Printers

The definition of the Print technology is based on how the different printers produce labels.

Direct Thermal Printers
Utilizes heat and uses either paper og labels to print.
One of the benefits to the Direct Thermal technology is that the printer does not need additional supply of ink or toner.


Thermal Printers
Prints via ink ribbons and use a pressing and melting method to apply the print to the wanted print material. One of the benefits to the Thermal Printer is the option to print various colors through multiple ribbons, furthermore this printer type will in most case be less susceptible to fade over time.

Resolution and Connectivity Technology

Label printer resolution is measured in DPI (Dots per inch). Printers with a higher DPI resolution will have a better print quality.

The most common DPI's are:
203 DPI
300 DPI
600 DPI

Each range of DPI usually serves different purposes of printing. The lower ranges in the 200's are a great fit for freight and packaging labels. 300 DPI printers can be also be used for freight and packaging while also has the quality to print product labels. 600 DPI can print all of the above and also more detailed prints such as asset tags and serial numbers for products. 


Connectivity Technology

To make sure your label printer is compatible with your setup you should find a printer which connects with your specific needs. Most label printers will either connect to all or some of the below:
Ethernet / LAN

At WERD we have a range of label printers. On the weshop product details page you can read about the different types of label printers, connectivity and resolution. 

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