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Discover a deep selection of products from leading brands and find everything you need for a productive workday.

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We have a wide range of different categories in our assortment of IT products. Here are just a few examples: Headsets, Docking stations, Barcode scanners & Webcams.

Each brand page is carefully designed to give you all the necessary information you need about their products and features. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of top brands in the industry who are known for their quality and performance. Our business is built on a foundation with a focus on the best-selling products on the market, within POS equipment and IT hardware. Dive into our portfolio and discover the leading brands: Microsoft, Honeywell, Dell, Lenovo, Epson, HP, Jabra, Logitech, Poly and Zebra. Each brand represents its own field, whether through advanced technology, creative design, or high performance.

We provide the latest and best-selling products for the office and workplace, as we always stay up to date on market trends. Our purchasing department puts in great effort to stay aligned with the market and ensure that we can offer competitive prices, regardless of your preferred brand. Ranging from Microsoft's software tools for ‘getting things done easier’ to Dell's trustworthy docking stations and from Logitech's excellence in image and sound to Epson's high-quality printers, we've put together a wide range of products to meet all your business needs. We always prioritize competitive pricing and a large inventory of items in stock. Additionally, we offer next-day delivery across the EU.

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Achieve more with Microsoft Office Packages

We are proud to say that we are official partners with Microsoft.

Of course, we have the popular FQC-10528 Microsoft Windows 11 Pro license in stock, suitable for both your own business and your customers. The license includes everything an employee needs throughout the workday and can be utilized for both professional and personal purposes. 
Unlock the full potential of your Surface devices and optimize Home and Business setups with seamless integration of Microsoft 365, Onedrive, and other productivity applications. Stay organized, secure, and productive with our Microsoft licensing solutions.

Laptop with excel and other Microsoft Office packages


Two monitors which are connected with a Lenovo Dock and a hand writing on the keyboard



Empowering Business Performance with Innovative Tools from Lenovo

Over the years, the Lenovo brand has become a reputable brand known for its high-quality products and innovation, which is why it has been selected to be part of our assortment across several different product categories. We have a diverse product portfolio from Lenovo that includes several well-known product lines such as the Thinkpad docking stations, performance webcams and smart adapters. As a business partner, we offer a range of Lenovo products tailored to enhance productivity and performance in the workplace.

Our selection includes factorysealed, new products, ensuring top quality and reliability. We have the tools to optimize your business operations. If you're looking for Lenovo Docking Stations with compatibility and webcams with advanced features, feel free to explore our offerings, including popular SKUs like 40AF0135EU and 4XC1D66055.

Enhance Your Workplace Connectivity with Dell Docking Stations

As an experienced distributor and IT specialist, we have incorporated Dell docking stations in our assortment.
Connect multiple monitors and all your essential accessories, including mouse, keyboard and headset to streamline your workspace.
Our range includes popular SKUs like DELL-WD19S180W and DELL-WD22TB4, known for their speed and versatility with a variety of ports.

A collaboration with enable your business to access our deep product portfolio. The deep portfolio of Dell Docks ensures that we can always deliver and at a great price.

Workstation with pos equipment connected via Dell dock


Webcam attached to the computer screen.



Experience all the Benefits with Logitech

Increase your online meeting and video conferencing experience with Logitech webcams, mic pods and conferencing kits. Renowned for their commitment to innovation and quality, Logitech delivers top video recordings with crystal-clear quality and vibrant colors, even at 4K resolutions. As a company with over 40 years of experience, Logitech provides products which are both unique in design and quality for large meetings and conferences in any business.

Logitech video conferencing camera includes automatic participant framing at meeting start and mic pods are available with active speaker detection. With smart microphone cabling and optional mounting kits, Logitech webcams offer versatility and ease of use for any meeting environment.

Professionel Label Printing Solutions from Epson

Epson stands at the forefront of label printing technology, offering a complete range of innovative printers designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses worldwide. From high-speed thermal label printers to flexible wireless options, Epson delivers solutions that makes printing tasks easier and enhance your productivity.

With a commitment to precision and reliability, Epson label printers are trusted by professionals across industries, from retail and logistics to manufacturing and healthcare. Equipped with advanced features such as Ethernet/LAN connectivity and portable designs, Epson printers ensure fast, accurate printing in any environment.
Experience the difference with Epson: where quality meets efficiency, and where printing labels becomes a seamless part of your business operations.

Different label printers from the popular brand Epson


A woman scanning a package on the desk with a barcode scanner



Boost your Business Efficiency with Honeywell Barcode Scanners

Discover the reliability and efficiency of Honeywell barcode scanners, tailored for your business-critical needs. As an industry leader in the barcode scanning market, Honeywell offers versatile configurations to meet the demands of distribution centers, logistics, retail trade, and more. With unparalleled scanning performance, Honeywell scanners ensure speed, accuracy, and adaptability, even with damaged barcodes. Explore our range of Honeywell barcode scanners online and experience the difference in scanning excellence.

Jabra Headsets & Conference Speakers for Optimal Sound

Experience the difference with Jabra – where every connection is crystal clear, and every call is smooth, regardless of whether you prefer wireless or wired. Click in to the Brand page to explore our range of Jabra products and elevate your communication experience today. We offer different noise-reducing headphones and headsets that can be easily used in busy environments, with a lot of background noise.

No matter who your customers are. Hold online meetings at the office without worrying about the sound being clear with different speaks. Both for larger conferences, meetings with suppliers or customers, and for small internal meetings with colleagues.

Meeting room with the high-quality Jabra speaker.


An employee sitting at their workstation and using various HP products.



Upgrade Your Workspace Efficiency with HP Docking Stations

At our store, we offer HP docks designed to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow. With support for multiple high-resolution displays, efficient laptop charging, and advanced network features, these docks are the ideal solution for busy professionals. HP's dedication to quality and reliability ensures that the docks are built to last. HP delivers technology that enables everyone in the workplace to work smarter and more efficiently.

Choose HP docking stations as part of your assortment, as HP is a brand with over 80 years experience known for innovation, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction, ensuring a trustworthy solution for every workspace requirement.

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