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Blind Shipment

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Reseller Benefits

Reseller Benefits

- Always Competitve Prices
- Worldwide Express Shipping
- Next Day Delivery in EU
- Service Adapted to your Needs
- Blind Shipping Directly to your Customers

Supplier Benefits

Supplier Benefits

- Highest Credit Worthiness AAA rating
- Thousands of Squarefeet in our Warehouses
- Expertise within Global Partnerships
- Agile Solutions Matching Your Needs

Creditworthy company

With great responsibility to ensure you a reliable trade

Healthy and Stable business partner

Always working to create the biggest value for you 

Join our network of Distribution

Worldwide IT products distributor

We have more than 25 years of expertise within global partnerships.
We strive to secure the best partnerships in terms of long time suppliers, whom we have a strong relationship with, which in turn creates huge value for all of our business collaborators.
By having a strong internal cooperation between WERDs Purchasing and Sales department we are ensuring that all our business partners both customers and suppliers will allways receive the best possible service to achieve collaborative success. 

See all your benefits as a Reseller

We always strive to provide outstanding value to you as a business partner, which you can also pass on to your customers. So let's explore the type of collaboration we can establish to expand your business together.

As a reseller, you will have access to our product catalog with prices, featuring the best-selling products on the market that consumers are currently demanding. We offer competitive prices and understand the importance of providing you with advantages that help you save time and money.

Additionally, you will be assigned a personal Account Manager who will assist you with your business goals, preferences, and challenges. Your personal Account Manager will provide you with insights and best practices to help streamline your business operations.

We also offer fast and reliable delivery service, as we have been in the international market for many years. With our established logistics network, we can quickly ship products worldwide and ensure that your orders reach your customers in a timely manner, even offering blind shipping if desired. We understand the importance of prompt delivery to meet customer expectations and promote customer satisfaction.

We believe that our partnership will create a win-win situation, enabling both of our companies to thrive and grow. We always strive to provide outstanding value to you as a business partner, which you can also pass on to your customers.

become a reseller at WERD
WERD believe in a strong business relation

Get a strong collaboration as a Supplier

Our purchasing department is constantly working to find the best deals and prices, ensuring that our customers always get the best trade with us. We are also seeking new suppliers and are willing to explore collaboration opportunities together.

We are always striving to build the best partnerships, aiming for long-term supplier relationships based on strong connections and close collaboration. This creates significant value for all parties involved.

Internally, we have a strong collaboration between WERD's purchasing and sales departments, ensuring that all our partners, including customers and suppliers, receive the best possible service for mutual success.

We take great pride in ensuring a stable delivery to our customers, which means we always need to have the products in stock, and our suppliers should have the same capability. We are also looking to expand our product portfolio to always have the best-selling products in stock.

Our purchasing department always focuses on finding cost-effective solutions to ensure a stable economy and develop our collaboration. We understand that a solid economy is crucial for long-term success.

We look forward to collaborating with you and building a successful partnership based on trust and mutual benefits. Feel free to contact us to discuss further details and arrange a collaboration.

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