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Business headset wireless

Headsets have become an indispensable asset to any office whether it is as your home office headset or for the open office environment. Different types of headsets service different purposes to fit your specific needs. In our product category for headsets, we offer a diverse selection of high-quality headsets for different areas of application. Headsets are ideal companions for communication and audio experiences, be it for professional purposes such as conference calls, call centers or meetings. Our headsets are selected by high wearing comfort, excellent sound quality and practical functions. They come in a variety of styles, including wired and wireless models. With best-in-class microphones, they enable clear voice transmission and noise cancellation for optimal communication.
Our selection also includes the best noise cancelling headset for work, to reduce distracting background noise and improve concentration. In our webshop we got wireless bluetooth headsets for easy operation, so you can work while you talk and take notes in meetings. Explore our headset product category for more information on the models available and to select the right headset for your needs.

Connectivity technology

To make sure the headset is compatible with your technology setup such as your laptop you must figure out if you wish to connect via Bluetooth, USB, jack stick or others.

Charging Technology

Choosing the right charging technology depends on the way you wish to operate. If you wish to be able to move around with the headset you can choose a wireless headset with a charging stand. The stand acts a charging station for you to place the headset when you are not using it. This option provides better mobility than the wired options. 


Compatibility of your headphone is generally universal. However, the Microsoft / Unified Communications are differentiated between the factory configured settings of the speakers modified to fit either Microsoft software like Teams or Unified Communications to for non-microsoft software. The pre-configuration does not exclude the speaker with using UC for Microsoft teams however, it means that the standard setup is customized to the software.



Deciding whether a mono or stereo headset is the right choice, mainly depends on your personal preference. The mono headset lets you be aware of your surrounding environment even while wearing the headset. Stereo headsets on the other hand enhances the sound experience and some headsets even have a noise cancellation technology keeping background noise disappear.

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