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Office Speakerphones

Office Speakerphones

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Wireless speakers for conference room

Bluetooth and conference room speakers provides excellent possibilities to engage and enjoy online meetings from one audio input and output unit.
The speakers in our product range most commonly includes both a speaker and microphone to make sure your sound quality is always neat. Buy a speaker for your office to improve the sound at all meetings. In our web shop we offer a selection of speakers that have been specially selected for use in office environments. Our office speakers deliver clear, high-quality sound that's ideal for conference calls, presentations, and team meetings. They offer simple plug and play functionality, so you can easily connect them to your computer, laptop or other devices. Some models have Bluetooth connectivity to allow wireless connection.
The speakers come in a variety of sizes and designs so you can choose the one that best suits your office. You can choose from compact desktop speakers that don't take up much space or larger speakers with expanded sound. In addition, some of our office speakers offer additional features such as built-in microphones for hands-free calls, USB ports for charging mobile devices and control buttons for easy operation.
Visit our webshop to explore our range of office speakers. There you will find detailed product descriptions and technical specifications to help you choose the right speaker. We have a high focus on selecting every single quality speaker for our range to improve sound quality in your office and enable more effective meetings.

Operating distance and Microphone Direction 

The maximum operating distance of a Bluetooth speaker defines the range of audio output. The speakers operating distance usually varies from 20-100 meters and are generally used for medium-size and smaller meeting rooms for the purpose of having multiple people contributing meetings from one audio device.

Microphone Direction Type describes the optimal direction of the microphone. The standard direction for conference speakers are omnidirectional, meaning that the microphone of the speaker is receiving audio at the same level from all angles around the speaker.

Battery lifetime

When connecting your Bluetooth speaker via USB to your device such as a computer the battery of the speaker will automatically charge. Commonly the speakers will have a talk-time of +10 hours without being charged.


Compatibility of your speaker is generally universal. However, the Microsoft / Unified Communications are differentiated between the factory configured settings of the speakers modified to fit either Microsoft software like Teams or Unified Communications to for non-microsoft software. The pre-configuration does not exclude the speaker from UC for Microsoft teams however, it means that the standard MS setup customized to the software.

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