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Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners

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Barcode Readers & QR Code Scanners

A barcode reader or QR Code reader serves the purpose of scanning different labels with a barcode or tag imprinted with data. The optical scanner reads and understands the data and provides information based of the printed barcode. Avoid manual entry with a barcode reader.
You probably know a barcode scanner from your local store. For many companies, a small barcode reader is smart for several different tasks. Commonly used to scan goods when selling or packing in the warehouse. This way you avoid tedious tasks of manual entry, during a working day. Here at WERD, we have a large selection of wireless barcode scanners and wired handheld scanners that supports all popular interfaces. We have several models of qr code readers and multiple barcode readers from different brands. You can use the scanners wirelessly or connect them via USB. The barcode scanners have a comfortable and ergonomic design that makes it easy for you to use them for stock management.

Scanner type

The barcode scanners are separated into two different scanner types.

1D barcode scanners reads 1 dimensional barcodes and the barcode must therefore be placed correctly for the scanner to be able to provide the information in the code. The 1D barcode scanners are a great option for reading UPC barcodes which are usually used on product packaging and delivers data such as pricing, product model etc.

2d barcode

These scanners are 2 dimensional making it able to read both horizontally and vertically. This means that with the 2D technology you can scan many different types of barcodes such as QR Codes and images. Furthermore, the 2D barcode scanners can encrypt more characters than 2D.

Connectivity & Charging Technology

The Barcode Scanner can be connected via various methods. The most common way to connect your barcode scanner is via wireless options such as Bluetooth or by a wired solution connected to e.g., a computer.

Choosing the right charging technology of a barcode scanner depends on the way you wish to operate. If you wish to be able to move around with the scanner you can choose a wireless barcode scanner with a charging Cradle. The cradle acts a charging station for you to place the scanner in when you are not using it. This option provides better mobility than the wired or charging stand options.  

At WERD we always have wide range of barcode scanners available.

Honeywell 1472G1D-2USB-5-R is a great option if you want a wireless barcode scanner with cradle.
Honeywell 1200G-2USB-1 is an example of cheaper option due to the wired connectivity.




Honeywell Xenon - XP 1950g - HD - cable - ex. stand


Honeywell barcode scanners are trusted and efficient tools for capturing 1D barcodes with speed and accuracy. These scanners offer superior performance, enabling seamless scanning in various industries like retail, healthcare, and logistics. With their ergonomic design and advanced scanning technology, Honeywell barcode scanners provide reliable data collection

Features for 1950GHD-2USB-R

Honeywell Xenon 1950g
Type: Handheld bar code reader,
Scanner type: 1D/2D, Linear (1D)
Barcodes supported: Code 128,Code 39,U.P.C..
Connectivity technology: Wired,
Standard interfaces: USB,
Cable length: 3 m. Product colour: Black,
International Protection (IP) code: IP41,
Protection features: Bump resistant.
Power source type: DC,
Input voltage: 4.4 – 5.5.
Weight: 160 g, Width: 64 mm, Depth: 99 mm

Honeywell Xenon - XP 1950g - SR - cable - ex. stand


Unlike 1D barcodes that contain only vertical lines, 2D barcodes store information both horizontally and vertically, allowing them to encode more data. Honeywell's 2D scanners offer advanced image capture technology, enabling the decoding of complex barcodes, such as QR codes, PDF417, and DataMatrix. With their ability to read both types of barcodes, Honeywell barcode scanners empower businesses to efficiently manage inventory and tracking.

Features for 1950GSR-2USB-R

Honeywell Xenon XP 1950g
Type: Handheld bar code reader
Scanner type: 1D/2D
Sensor type: LED
Connectivity technology: Wired
Standard interfaces: RS-232,RS-485,USB
Cable length: 3 m.
Product colour: Black
Housing material: Plastic,
International Protection (IP) code: IP41.
Power source type: DC, Power consumption (typical): 2.5 W,
Input voltage: 4.4 V.
Weight: 160 g, Width: 99 mm, Depth: 640 mm

Honeywell Hyperion - 1300g - 1D - cable - ex. stand


Wired barcode readers typically connect to a computer or other devices using physical cables. The most common type of wired connection used in barcode readers is USB like this model uses (Universal Serial Bus). USB provides a reliable and high-speed data transfer interface, making it suitable for efficient barcode scanning and data capture.

Features for 1300G-2USB

Honeywell Hyperion 1300g.
Type: Handheld bar code reader,
Scanner type: 1D, Read rate (max): 270 reads/s.
Connectivity technology: Wired,
Standard interfaces: USB,
Cable length: 3 m.Product colour: Black,
International Protection (IP) code: IP41. Input voltage: 5 V,
Power consumption: 200 mA.
Weight: 160 g, Width: 79 mm, Depth: 112 mm

Honeywell Voyager MS9540 - cable - w. stand


MK9540-37A38 comes with a cable for wired connectivity.
This Honeywell Voyager MS9540 barcode scanner includes a stand. The stand provides a convenient and stable platform to place the scanner when it's not in use. The stand allows for hands-free scanning by keeping the scanner in an upright position, ready to capture barcodes as they are presented.

Features for MK9540-37A38

Honeywell MS9540 VoyagerCG.
Scanner type: 1D,
Sensor type: Laser,
Light levels (direct sunlight): 0 - 4842 lx.
Standard interfaces: USB. Product colour: Black,
Certification: FCC Part 15, ICES-003, EN55022 Class B.
Input voltage: 5 V.
Weight: 149 g, Width: 78 mm, Depth: 198 mm

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