The best dell docking station for your company

Dell Technologies are a leader in the IT electronics industry, they are known for partner ecosystem and dedication to innovation. With close relationships with leading tech, service, and consulting partners, Dell makes tech accessible to everyone through integrated solutions. That's part of the reason why we've chosen to include Dell's docking in our product range, to provide reliable solutions, that ensures our customers plenty of options in today's changing world.

Experience seamless integration with Dell docks, consolidating all your PC electronic devices on your desk at work or at home. With various types of port inputs for the plugs found on monitors, mice, headsets, and keyboards, making user-friendly connections. Their modern design of all docking stations allows easy component replacement. They fit into any office environment and multiple types of cables, including USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, and more.

dell docking station wd19s 180w with power


DELL WD19S USB-C Dock 180W - EU

dell 6 in 1 usb c multiport adapter da305


DELL Mobile Adapter DA305 multiport adapter

The best Dell thunderbolt 4 dock wd22tb4


DELL WD22TB4 Thunderbolt 180W

ud22 dell dock for smarter and faster connection between your devices


DELL UD22 - Universal USB-C Dock 130W - EU

dell usb c mobile adapter da310


DELL Mobile Adapter DA310 multiport adapter

dell wd19s 130w with mulitple ports for maximum Resolution & Video Interfaces



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2 different monitors connected through a docking station for online meeting

Thunderbolt dock

Seamlessly connect multiple IT devices to your laptop or PC. With Thunderbolt technology, experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds and uncompromised performance.

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A desk at the office with keyboards, headsets and mouses connected to the same dock

USB-C Docking stations

Streamline your workspace with Dell's USB-C Docking Station. Connect all your devices with a single cable, simplifying your workflow. Enjoy fast data transfer speeds and efficient multitasking.

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Two laptops being charged by a dell docking station

DELL Charging dock

Offers seamless charging solutions for your devices. With fast and efficient charging capabilities, these docks ensure that your devices are always ready when you need them.


Improve Your Work with Dell Performance Dock

Boost productivity by connecting multiple monitors and peripherals with a single cable for ultimate efficiency. Thunderbolt™ 4 docks offer high-speed data transfer and connectivity, while Dell Thunderbolt™ Dock – WD22TB4 offers broad compatibility with commercial laptops, ensuring seamless integration. It's compatible with industry-standard Thunderbolt™-docking notebooks from other manufacturers. Dell wd19s drivers offers Multi-Display performance as it allows for three QHD displays, boosting multitasking efficiency for smoother workflow.

As an IT specialist and B2B dealer, Dell provides several docking solutions to the global distributor community with focus on innovation and quality, designed to meet the demands of the modern business needs. Discover how Dell's IT devices can enhance your productivity today.

The ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A Dock expands functionality for any laptop, making it ideal for business customers with mixed PC environments or shared desks. Featuring enterprise-class management features like PXE boot and MAC address pass-through. The dell universal dock ud22 offers three USB 3.1 high-speed ports, up to dual UHD 4K resolution, and fast charging for ThinkPad computers. Additionally, with the included USB-C to USB-A adapter, this dell usb c dock provides port replication for non-Lenovo or non-USB-C computers.

DELL UD22 - Universal USB-C Dock 130W - EU

One of our popular products are the DELL Thunderbolt Dock WD22TB4. This cutting-edge docking station offers lightning-fast data transfer and charging capabilities, for easy connecting your Dell laptop to multiple various external devices. With its sleek design and robust features, the WD22TB4 enhances your workspace efficiency, providing consistent connectivity for monitors, accessories, and more. No more messy desks with intricate wires, enjoy streamlined workflows with the Dell Thunderbolt Dock WD22TB4 – the ultimate solution for modern business environments.

DELL WD22TB4 Thunderbolt 180W

Upgrade your office setup with the DELL WD19DCS USB-C Performance Dock. This advanced docking station, also known as the Dell Performance Dock, offers smooth connectivity for your devices. With several USB ports, it enables you to connect multiple IT devices effortlessly, streamlining your workflow. The included 240W power adapter ensures efficient charging for your devices, keeping you powered throughout the workday. We only deal with high-quality products, which is why we have Dell WD19DCS USB-C Performance Dock in stock.

DELL WD19DCS USB-C Performance Dock 240W- EU

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