WERD Dedicates a Day to the Values

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We focus on our values

Our four fundamental values - passion, efficiency, teamwork, and trust - have been an integrated part of our company for many years.  These values constitute the heart of our business and guide us in all aspects of our work.  However, we also understand the importance of taking a step back and revisit them to ensure that they remain deeply embedded in everything we do. This sustained effort is important for our continued success and for preserving the culture that makes us unique.

The anchoring of our values helps ensure that we can deliver high quality in our collaboration with customers and suppliers. Through an understanding of how our values manifest in day-to-day operations, we can create an environment where each employee feels inspired and motivated to contribute to our collective success.

Our values can be seen through our work

We strive for our passion to shine through, so our customers can feel that we are dedicated to finding mutual solutions where both they and we are satisfied. We see the success of our customers and suppliers as our own success.

We achieve success through constant efficiency, enabling us to offer express delivery, customized pricing, be a trustworthy partner, and much more. We work towards the goal of ensuring that our customers experience the most effective solution every time.

It is important that each employee feels like an integrated part of a team that is always ready to support one another and encourage questions when doubt arises. We believe that the strength of our teamwork is the core of our success, and it is the collective effort of everyone that moves us forward.

Trust is a cornerstone of our culture, and it manifests in our daily interactions. We encourage open discussions where there is room for all opinions, and where we want each employee to feel secure enough to share their perspectives. WERD is an inclusive and respectful workplace, where we strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Our values are not just principles, but they are the foundation behind everything we do. They guide us in our work, our relationships with customers, and our teamwork. We take pride in the culture we have created and look forward to continuing to uphold and nurture these values in our organization.

Our Values

We bring a positive mindset - every day


We are ambitious, always working on improvement and simplicity to add value


We drive success through strong collaboration and communication


We appreciate differences, transparency and mutual respect

WERDs theme day focus on teamwork

One WERD Theme Day

Friday, September 15th was dedicated to a theme day where our values took center stage. Through a series of inspiring discussions, reflections, and teamwork exercises, a deeper understanding was originated regarding how our values manifest in our everyday work lives.

Each employee contributed their unique perspectives and insights on how our values can be expressed in practice. This collective effort and sharing of thoughts reminded us that WERD is more than just a workplace.

This theme day resulted in stronger bonds and a deeper understanding among our employees. We look forward to integrating these insights into our daily work and continuing to strengthen the unique culture that defines us as an organization.